3/4/20 - 10:08 AM

Hey everyone we are happy to announce we are almost done with our new website.

We know our old one is a bit outdated and in need of some upgrades and we have been working on it. 

Keep an eye out for the new site should be up and running by the end of March but in the meantime we are still doing what we always do. 

Check out our Youtube channel also



Help us help the kids keep playing
2/28/20 - 03:16 PM

Help us keep the kids playing.

5 Boros basketball is now in it's tenth year.  
We are a free program to anyone who plays with us.

Click the below Button to make a safe and secure donation to the 5 Boros Organization.

All donations are tax deductible and go to the kids.

Any questions please contact Rick Atson ( Director) 347-723-4886


Off to a great Season 10
12/23/19 - 10:09 PM

Our 10th season has started off Awesome. 

We have played in 4 tournaments and won the Championship in 2.

We have made it to the Championship game in all of them.

As always we are a free program  and strive to keep the kids off the streets and in the gym..
We compete in many local and away tournaments all year round.

If you are interested in playing,Coaching or Volunteering in any way reach out and let us know,.

Sponsors just click on the Left Tab that says "SPONSHORSHIP PROGRAM"

Any Question or info please contact

Rick Atson ( Director ) 347-723-4886


10th season started off Great
12/3/19 - 10:42 AM

Started off the 10th Season getting all the way to the championship game in our first tournament.

Kids worked hard played harder and just missed getting the win.

As always we are a free program  and strive to keep the kids off the streets and in the gym..
We compete in many local and away tournaments all year round.

If you are interested in playing,Coaching or Volunteering in any way reach out and let us know,.

Sponsors just click on the Left Tab that says "SPONSHORSHIP PROGRAM"

Rick Atson 


Ready to Start Playing 2020 Season
11/10/19 - 09:11 PM


We are still super excited to announce we are starting our 10th season.

We are beginning our 2020 Season with a boys 12 and 13 year old team.

We have Practices on Tuesday and Thursday Nights 6-8 at Tayor White Community center, 80 Clymer st Brooklyn NY.

If you think you have the skill to play AAU basektball on a High level, give us a call or text and we can have you come down and see if you are a fit for the team.

We are also always looking to expand our teams and add some talented Expereinced coaches to our staff..  If you are interested hit us up.

5 Boros plays Local and Away tournaments..

Rick Atson. ( Director)



Super excited to start our 10th year
9/25/19 - 04:12 PM

We are super excited to celebrate 10 years of being a 100% Free Basketball program for kids.

We have been running our free open workouts for kids ages 12-15 since Sept and we are now ready to start putting our Fall/Winter teams together.  

We will be starting off with a group of 12/13 year olds.. 

Anyone interested please read the flier below. Come on down on Tuesday and Thursday nights before tryouts to get a Great workout in to prepare you for the upcoming season. See below for info

We are located at Taylor White Community Center, 80 Clymer St Williamsburg Brooklyn. Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 pm.

As always 5 Boros Basketball is a free program to anyone who wants to come and participate.  However we still have many finaicial responsibilties.

We have only been able to survive from donations from sponsors.
After 10 years of helping well over 1000 kids stay off the streets, out of trouble while keeping their grades abover passing it does not get any easier to raise funds.  

We do all we do while taking kids to top local and away tournaments to compete on high level..

All this helps them get notticed by these top schools and hopefully as we have done for 10 years assists them in obtaining Scholarships to these schools.

We are Proud to say we have had hundreds of our players attend the High school of their choice and top D1 Colleges on Scholarships. 

None of the staff gets paid any money for what they do and all donations go directly to the expenses of the program.

If you are considering being a sponsor or making a donation or know someoone or some company who maybe interested please either Click on the left "Sponsorship Program "Tab of shoot me a email or text. 

Help us help the kids.

Rick Atson  ( Director )

Willam Mayers  (Coach)



2019 Season Begins
3/2/19 - 02:22 PM


Hey all we are super excited to announce the beginning of our 2020 season.

That means it is our 10th anniversary and we are super excited to be helping kids for 10 years.

We are Proud that over our 10 years we have helped so many kids fullfill their dreams of playing basketball in some of the TOP schools on  Scholarship.
That inlcudes numerous players now attending College on Full Scholarships. 

As always 5 Boros basketball is a free program to all who play..

And as always we can only do that with sponsors and donations..

Please take a look at our Sponsorship Program Tab on the left tab and consider making a tax deductible donation to help us help the kids.

5 Boros is a Local and travel program..

Remember we cannot do it without your help.

Any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Rick (Director)



Open workouts for all
11/30/18 - 12:31 PM

     5 Boros basketball is now in it's 9th year.  We are so proud of the players we have coached and taught over the past 9 years.  Many of our players have gone onto to top NYC high schools, top Colleges on full Scholarship.

     5 Boros basketball takes kids ages 8-18 and teaches them basketball the right way from the ground up.  We teach fundamentals and lessons on how to be a good person as well as  good teammate. 

     Every year we do open free workouts for any one who wants to come down and try their skill at basketball.  We allow anyone to workout with us at this time and usually do that in the months of October -January.
(Please contact us to find out where).

After we are done with open workouts we form teams.  We then take those teams and run them through some tough practices getting them ready to compete. 

     After a few weeks of practice we start taking the kids to local tournaments to compete with other top teams.   We then start to take the kids to out of state tournaments to compete with other top porgrams in their states.

     5 Boros is a 100% FREE program. No kid is turned away for not having money and no kid is added for having money.  Our program ONLY survives on donations and sponsors.. Our program expenses run into the tens of thousands.  We offer a list of expenses for anyone who would like to be a sponsor or donate. 
      Potnetial sponsors can click on the left tab that says "Sponsorship Program" and read our info.

     5 Boros basketball takes pride in knowing we have helped kids have a safe place to come weeknights while keeping them out of trouble. 
Our program does not claim to be the best,but we do teach kids the correct way to play basketball and everyone who comes will get better.

     We are always looking to expand and always looking for staff members to help us do that.  Whether it be a Coach,asst coach,recruiter or especially some new Sponsors.  
So if you are interested our know anyone who may be interested in either please have them contact us at the info below.

 Please remember we do this for the kids and we are always in need of sponsors to help us help the kids.. Please consider helping us out.

Rick Atson ( Director)

Will Mayers  ( Coach )



2018 season went great
8/2/18 - 03:41 PM


We are happy to announce our 2018 season went awesome. 
We had multiple teams playing in various tournaments most of which were away.  The kids had a great time played alot of basketball and kicked some butt. We hope they made new friends and created lifelong bonds. 

Several of our senior players have committed to College and prep schools and we are very proud of them.. We wish them continued success.

As always our program only survives on donations and sponsors..
If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a sponosor please dont hesitate to click on our "SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM" link on the top left and roll down.. All donations go diectly to the kids.. 

If you have any questions or want to come down and volunteer some time please contact our Director at info below.

last we want to send a HUGE thank you to our two main sponsors this year 

Dean Mavrides & Threefold.     And
Sonny Mooks

Without the two sponsors above we have No program this year.
Also want to send a Big thank you to Assmemblymen Joseph Lentol for his continued support of the program..

For more info contact
Rick Atson ( Director )


2018 Tournament dates.
3/20/18 - 09:07 AM

Tournament dates are set.

2018 tournaments

April 14-15Queens College A Game 

April 28-29   Showcase exposure 
New Jersey Montclair University/Farleigh Dickerson UNIVERSITY

May 12-13  Team Rio classic
Hoop group headquarters 
Neptune NJ

May 19-20 National invitational MD 
Charm city MARYLAND (away)

May 26-27 NERRS  super sweet 16 
New London CT 

June 2-3  crossover hoops 
Staten Island NY

June 9-10  king of the mountain
Saratoga NY (away)

June 16-17  War at the shore 
Toms River NJ Jersey shore (away)    

July 6-8  Independence showcase 
Nassau Coliseum I luv b-ball 


Ready to roll for 2018
3/5/18 - 12:11 PM


We are super excited to announce we are ready to begin our 8th season.

We have had months of our annual Free Open workouts to anyone who wanted to come and we had hundreds of kids participate.

Our teams have been formed for this year and we are beginning practice Monday March 5,2018.  Tryouts are over thank you to all who came out but as you know we can only take some many kids..

If you have been picked we expect you to be in contact with a staff member in regards to your day of practice, place and time.

5 Boros has a Strict Policy  NO PRACTICE YOU DONT PLAY

At this time we have two gyms

MS126  Located at  424 leonard St Brooklyn NY 11222  Monday 6-8 
Monday will be the 17's

Taylor White Community center.  80 Clymer st Williamsburg Brooklyn. Wed nights 6-9:30

Wed will be mixed 6-8  13 year olds  8-9:30  17's

Contacts are below

Rick   (Director ) 347-723-4886
Joe    ( Asst Director)  347-981-2117
Will    ( Coach )   347-644-4206
Derrick ( Coach)  347-932-7280
Noel   ( Coach ) 347-608-4284



2/22/18 - 10:49 AM

We are Holding one day tryouts for boys ages 13 and 17 , Please see flier below.

For info call.  347-723-4886 


Tryouts boys 12-14 year olds
1/26/18 - 07:59 PM

Attention boys ages 12-14 years old..  

Tryouts are Monday. Feb 5, 2018 

Location- IS10  School. 45-11 31st   Astoria Queens,

Time. 6 -8:30   Please be on time.

5 Boros is a 8 year old program. We are also a Free program. 

We have assisted numerous former players in attending their High school of choice and playing on their HS team

We also have several former players in D1 Colleges on Full scholarships.

All we ask is players and parents are committed. Meaning attend practices and attend tournaments.

We will be playing local and Travel tournaments.

Please contact us to hold your space. Space is limited.

Come on down and join the family.

Rick Atson ( Director)

Joe Rodriguez. ( Asst Director )


Calling all Ball players
1/18/18 - 01:49 PM

     We are ready to kick off the 2018 season.. We are looking for the boys who want to take their game to the next level. 

We pride ourselves on running a hard,tough,fast paced practice that leads to better ball players. We teach fundamentals and game ready workouts.

We have taken our players all over the Country to compete in some of the best tournaments around.

We have also competed in the best local tournaments,and won.

5 Boros basketball is 100% free and always has been. 

So if you think you have what it takes to play at a high lever or you have a child who wants to come on down to one of our workouts.  
Ages 12-16

We are always looking for some Volunteer coaches also.. 

Rick Atson 347-723-4886 or
Joe Rodriguez 347-981-2117



Sponsors needed for our 8th season.
11/28/17 - 01:41 PM

Hey all we are super excited to begin our 8th season.
As always we are 100% free to anyone who plays with us.

That is only possible by geneorus sponsors..
We are a legal 501 C 3 Non profit so any donations are tax deductible.

If anyone is interested in helping us out please contact our director or simply click on the left side where it says Sponsorship program and there is a link that says donate. 
It is safe and secure Paypal or credit card.
Or you can send a check or we can pick up.

Thank you in advance 

Rick Atson 
Director  347-723-4886


Starting our 7th season Come on down.
9/15/17 - 01:34 PM

Hey everyone we are so excited to announce the start of our 8th season. 
And as always we are starting it off with 100% FREE workouts.

This year we have limited gym time in MS126 On Monday nights 6-8 so we are taking all 13 and up year kids boys and girls who want to work on their game and get better.  

We are NOT forming any teams right now just workouts to get you better. 
So if you are interested just come on down on Mondays.



Ready to start 2017
10/4/16 - 03:09 PM


Hey all we are ready to start up our 2017 season.  

This year we will be doing more free clinics/workouts again. 

We are thinking about ages 8-12 to start. 

Our goal right now is to secure some gyms to hold our clinics in, if anyone has any they know of please let us know asap.


As always we are also looking for some donations to get the season started ,NONE of our players are charged to play with us.


If interested in making a tax deductible donation you can click on the left tab that says Sponsorship and follow the directions or you can just email us to send a check.


Thank you all

Rick Atson  (Director)